Miff awards 2012: the nominees


With less than a month to go before the event, the members of the Made in Milan International Film Society (MIMIFS) have announced their nominations for the MIFF Awards (the Indipendent Film Festival in Milan) that will take place from May 10 to May 19. 21 titles will be competing for the Cavallo di Leonardo MIFF Awards 2012: 13 feature films and 8 documentaries.

The 12° edition of the MIFF Awards will present a number of high quality films, including some shown at the Sundance Film Festival such as “My Brother The Devil” and the documentaries “We’re Not Broke” and “Big Boys Gone Bananas”. Also, it will mark the return of the director Chris Paine, who won the 2007 edition of the festival, this time featuring the Italian premiere of the movie “Revenge of the Electric Car”.

Among other films, the short-movie “Sassy Pants” by Coley Sohn, the worldwide premiere of “The Good Doctor”, a drama-thriller with six nominations produced by Orlando Bloom (also starring in the movie), and “Seven Days in Utopia” with Robert Duvall, nominated for the Best Supporting Actor Award.

Italy participates with two important films: “Young Europe”, a project about car accidents deaths supported by the Italian State Police, and “Apartment in Athens” with the nomination of Laura Morante for the category of Best Female Acting, as well as the nominations for three brand new categories: Best Supporting Actor and Actress and Best Music.

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