Domiziano arcangeli: the horror movie icon


The actor has many faces, but under each one there is a unique skin–there is talent.  If applied to genre cinema, the actor is most recognizable for his fame and skill, an icon of the big screen.  When we talk about cinema and talent, we are talking about Domiziano Archangeles, who brings a strong personality to the screen. Behind the face of this actor lies a passion for horror that led him to collaborate with some of the greatest directors in the industry throughout Hollywood, until the recent success in Italy of “Wrath of the Crows”, directed by Ivan Zuccon. Amongst the best of his recent works is certainly “Scary of Die”, released by Phase 4 Films on May 1st of last year, in which the performer played the role of a hungry clown.

Arcangeli began working in 1980, then in the U.S., his second home, he became the producer and star of the genre, symbolic in several some films such as “Virus X”, “House of Flesh Mannequins” and the highly successful TV series entitled complex “Chromiumblue”. Very popular in Europe, where the horror movie has a big following and is still considered a movie theater trend, Archangels is one of the few actors who can say that he has been supported by none other than Federico Fellini at Rome’s Cinecitta Studios.

Amongst his upcoming projects is the Lionsgate produced film “The Ghostmaker”, directed by Mauro Borelli which is being released this fall and is more of a work which he himself is producing under the careful direction of Eric Swealstad–its major title or that which it’s reffered to is “Frankenstein Rising”. As he reveals, in fact, he loves to get in the forefront of these projects: “I’ve always loved the film craft because it reflects my personal taste. I love being surprised and questioning each sequence, that which I see is pure ”experience’ live “.

The Archangels man, as a spectator, has always appreciated the work of Roman Polanski, Stanley Kubrick, and Lars von Trier’s, cult filmmakers who have their own DNA in the tale of evil, that particular character narrative from which a horror rises that feeds the actor Domiziano. Archangeles is a professional performer and a truly acclaimed actor who is today enjoying his greatest moment of fame.

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