How do you feel about a star wars 7?


Thirty-five years after its creation, George Lucas has decided to sell its production company Lucasfilm to Disney for an amount of 4.05 billion dollar. The Walt Disney Company announced it and it seems that everybody is happy about the deal.

The producer and director of the Star Wars Trilogy feels “it is time to let a new generation of filmmakers do the job”. The seventh episode is just the first of three to come. It will be called Episode 7 and will be on our big screens in 2015. The next episodes will be following each two or three years. We are facing a long time of wait and hope!

Obviously Disney did not dispose of George Lucas, as he will be creative consultant of the new movies whereas Kathleen Kennedy, the actual co-president of Lucasfilm, will be the new C.E.O and she will have to report back to Walt Disney Studios’ C.E.O Alan Horn.

In less than a decade, Disney has become a powerful production company, most of all because of the acquisitions of Pixar, Marvel, ESPN and ABC. It proved its success by creating billion-dollar-making brands like Pirates of the Caribbean, Iron man, and all the superhero movies inspired by the Marvel comic books.

The fans of Star Wars must be reassured, Disney will probably do a good new trilogy. At least, we hope so.

Do you think it is time to give Star Wars a rest, or are you thrilled about the new direction and can’t wait to watch the new episodes?




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