Visibility award for lana wachowski


Lana who? Maybe some of you will remember her by the name of Larry Wachowski, one of the two Wachowski brothers who directed the Matrix Trilogy. Yes, after several years of anonymity, the brother and (now) sister stepped out of their private lives to make a new movie that opens this Friday and called Cloud Atlas, with Tom Hanks and Halle Berry. The movie received a ten-minutes standing ovation at Fantastic Fest.

The Visibility Award given during the Human Rights Campaign’s annual gala was for her courage into becoming a woman and a role model for the people who feel the same as she does. She completed her “transition” in total privacy and when she made her first public appearance as a woman just months ago at a press conference, she obviously surprised everyone.

During the 25-minutes speech she gives, Lana explains the importance of her privacy, and how her absence wasn’t due to her “transition” but because she needed “civic space”. She wanted to do it by herself, with the support of her family, her wife and parents but not having to share it and justify herself with the entire world. We, common people, take the anonymity for granted but sometimes people that are under the spotlight 24/7 miss it. Can we blame them?

The simplicity and irony she uses during her speech is inspiring. She explains how she felt, like she never “fit in” and how she couldn’t decide either she belonged with boys or girls. She reveals an attempted suicide when she was younger and how just a simple look given to her by a total stranger changed her life and made her believe she was worth living it. She talks about how scary it was for her to admit to her parents she was a transgender and how easy they made it on her, accepting it and giving her the courage to tell the world. “Having good parents is winning the lottery”, she says. 

It is truly stimulating watching someone who is not scared of showing the person she really is. If you have 25 minutes to spare, watch the video and find out what diversity means!

October, 25th 

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