Four more years of obama


It seems that for once, every celebrity in America agrees on something: Obama’s re-election!From Ryan Seacrest to Kathy Griffin and Eva Longoria, or even Milla Jovovich, everybody is happy about the results of the elections.

As for a celebration, they all took pictures of themselves with the “I VOTED” sign and shared them on their Twitter account… Some even committed a minor infraction, like Beyonce Knowles, who posted a photo of her ballot… Yes she did, and we are sure authorities will forgive her!

Everybody was thrilled about the news and we mustn’t forget that a lot of them campaigned for Barack Obama by doing videos (like Kathy Griffin and Cher) or by telling people to vote during their interviews (like Eva Longoria).

One thing is sure, time is at celebration and partying! Lance Bass even twitted how happy he was about the gay marriage vote in Maine (which is the first state in history to vote in favor of marriage equality) after posting a photo of his vote.

Let’s embrace this day of happiness and wish the renewed President Obama the best! Yes We Can!


Flavia Nicolò

November, 7th 2012

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