Movie lovers, make a list of your favourite idems for christmas !


Christmas is almost here, and for us people who have a passion for cinema, the best present is always related to movies we have seen, and especially the ones we have loved! There are some items that are totally affordable and differ from the usual DVD you offer for Christmas or any other occasion… You cannot imagine how many different and funny gifts you can find on the Internet. 

Let’s start with the obvious! TED, a success worldwide and every guy’s dream come true! So if your boyfriend is in need of someone who understands him and became a real fan of the movie, you could always buy him the officially licensed talking Ted bear which comes in two sizes: the same as in the movie, or a smaller version with a moving mouth. 

If you want to feel like a princess, Sephora created a grown-up princess-inspired makeup line called “Disney’s Cinderella Collection”. You can find lipsticks, eyeshadows, nail polish and perfume… Everything you need to be a princess! Dreaming is not only for little girls anymore, and maybe it will help you find your Prince Charming. 

Of course, clothes are customized too! How do you feel about a Hangover baby Carlos apron? You will be just like Zach Galifianakis and it will for sure please your guests and impress them while having a good moment remembering the movie! Also, you could pretend to be Batman with the t-shirts inspired by the movie. They come for boys and girls and are created by the UK label Lazy Oaf. A sure way to make yourself notice and represent your favorite movie.

All these items are under 100 dollars, and are affordable by the most part of people… But if you have some more money to spend (like $1, 195) you could buy the Alice in Wonderland-inspired platform heels created by Donatella Versace… That could be a present you will not forget! So guys, you know what to do to please your girls…

As you can see, the list is quite long. You can also buy Twilight-inspired bed shits, Kermit slippers, a Yoda Hoodie with ears and eyes on the hood and even the James Bond-inspired watch camera to feel nothing less than a secret 007 agent. Finally, if you are looking for something to make your room cooler, you could always get the Ghostbusters neon light… Best present ever for the fans of the movie. 

So people, get your credit cards out and scour the web for all kind of amazing movie-inspired gifts that will make your friends and family happy! 

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