Ghostbusters 3 will be made


It was about time we heard something positive about the highly anticipated sequel, which has been on the talk since a decade now. In fact, the second movie was made in 1989 but the third movie is supposed to be made since 1999… Ghostbusters 3 is making us wait and hope for a GREAT movie, even though Bill Murray won’t take part in it.

In an interview in Esquire, Dan Akroyd talks about the sequel, which should be shot next summer if everything goes smoothly and well. Akroyd, who wrote and starred in the original film, has been heavily involved with the sequel. “I’ve worked on every draft in the last three years” he said. Etan Cohen, Men in Black III screenwriter, has been chosen to write the third Ghostbusters, as Sony wants a young and new team. Though it still seems that the movie struggles a lot to be made, the producing company and Akroyd are not ready to let it go for the moment.

Akroyd declares during the interview how he wishes Bill Murray would get involved. “I’d love to have Billy Call me tomorrow and say, “Let’s go to work and start writing”“. Although this seems unlikely possible since Bill Murray announced on the Letterman show earlier this year that he would not be a part of the movie (because he did not like the script…). Nevertheless this was before Sony hired Etan Cohen… Who knows, maybe he will change his mind?

Also, Akroyd believes time is of the essence. “It’s time now to sit down and make this movie”, he adds. He wants Ghostbusters 3 to be a “next generation” film, “dealing with a problem, as the first movie did, but I think we would have to hand it off to the young”. Dan Akroyd truly believes in this sequel and he is certain that it will be a huge success. “If Sony makes this movie, in its current shape, they would be looking at a pretty hefty, nine-figure return.”

That is all we hope for them, but the movie would have to be pretty perfect in order to attract the audience into the theaters. Obviously, this will be a major event and people have been waiting for it for a long time now… As a result, the pressure in on for Sony and Akroyd who can not make a mistake: all the fans of the saga are just looking forward to watching it and everybody knows there is no meaner critic than a fan… 

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