The perks of being a wallflower: movie review


“-Why you, I and everyone I love pick people who treat us like we are nothing?

-We accept the love we think we deserve…”

These lines from the movie summarize it all. This is the story of a young freshman boy, Charlie (Logan Lerman) who feels lonely in his first year of high school in 1991. His only friend shot himself and now he has to face the world alone… until he meets Sam and Patrick (Emma Watson and Ezra Miller), two seniors who want to help him by becoming his friends, introducing him to drugs, music and a whole new world he could not dream about. Charlie obviously falls in love with Sam who is quite a mess as long as love relationships are concerned.  

As the story goes, we understand that there is something wrong with Charlie, due to a prior event in his life and we find out that he has some dark sides too…

The movie is directed by Stephen Chbosky; he adapted his own book into this lovely film. The witty, intelligent story is about friendship, teen love and figuring out who we really are in the most difficult time of life: adolescence. The movie is bright and well done. It takes us into Charlie’s world through the letters he writes to somebody we do not know, and the only thing we want is being a part of his life, partying and driving through the night listening to David Bowie’s Heroes with the three characters while they discover life and their feelings.

The success of the movie is also due to the fantastic three young actors: Logan Lerman (Charlie) perfect in the role of the tortured boy, Ezra Miller (Patrick), amazing as a homosexual teenager who has to hide his relationship with the star of the football squad; and last but not least, Emma Watson (Sam) whom makes us forget all about a certain Harry Potter saga, always right and bringing the just melancholia to her character. A cast of more mature actors helps the young talented trio, like Paul Rudd as a teacher who proved he could be good in a dramatic role too.

The story takes place in 1991; a way to remind the older and make the youngest discover music tapes (sounds antique?) and good music that accompanies the movies from the beginning to the end, in an era where everything has become so easy and fast…

Unfortunately, there is no release date for Italy as of now… 

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