What is arnold schwarzenegger’s best movie?


Yes, it has actually been ten years since the actor was in Terminator 3. Now he fully returns to the big screen with The Last Stand, a movie about a retired agent who has to come back in order to stop a violent and dangerous drug cartel leader…

It seems that we remember the Austrian actor only for his role in the Terminator films, because they actually are his best movies. At least the first two are, according to reviews at Rotten Tomatoes, Metacritic and IMDb ratings. The first movie is the best of the three, then comes the second Terminator 2: Judgment Day and finally the third. Moreover, if we look only at his acting gigs, his next best movies for fans and critics might be Predator, Total Recall or True Lies.

Obviously, Schwarzenegger is not famous for his tremendous acting skills, he is not a real acting talent and he has never necessarily been about quality cinema, even if he has worked with some terrific directors. But he represents an image, the image of the super strong man, like in the movie Commando, where he is a bulletproof one-man army, in peak muscular shape, sleeveless and covered in war paint and holding a rocket launcher. Other films might be “better” in certain ways, but this features the archetype for what we came to recognize as an Arnold Schwarzenegger role. The former Mr. Universe sure did have the body for those kinds of roles…

Now that his Governor days are over, and after a brief tabloid sex scandal, maybe we will see more of Schwarzy, and why not in different roles?

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