Between two ferns


It’s almost here! Only four days until the most important event for cinema is due: The Oscars!

How do actors, directors and producers prepare themselves for that? Well, for instance they are guests on talk shows, they do interviews and show themselves as much as possible promoting their movie. Or they can make an appearance on “Between Two Ferns With zach Galifianakis”.

The show is set as any other talk show, Zach Galifianakis is the host and he receives his guests in his studio, where they sit between two ferns. Until here, nothing is really special. But the success of this talk show, which is a part of the “Funny or Die” website, is that Zach asks really weird (and sometimes bold) questions to his guests, who play along with him and they end up doing crazy interviews, showing at the same time their talent for acting.

This year, a few actors who have been nominated did the talk show and the result is quite funny. The show is cut in two five-minutes series where you can see Jennifer Lawrence being played off, Naomi Watts talking about toilets and being shrunk, Christoph Waltz arguing with Zach, Anne Hathaway drunk, Amy Adams reading lines, Jessica Chastain, Sally Field, a special Daniel Day Lewis and Bradley Cooper who reads a “Thank-you-I-lost-speech” that Zach wrote for him.

All those interviews are to be taken on second degree, obviously. Nevertheless, they show how much American like to make fun of themselves and we have to admit Zach Galifianakis is hilarious. For those who loved him in The Hangover, you should become addicted to the show “Between two ferns”. 

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