Mia wasikowska in “stoker”


You probably know her as Tim Burton’s Alice, in his movie Alice in Wonderland. Mia Wasikowska has come a long way since then. The movie gave her international fame, as well as lots of roles where she was asked to play the “pale with dark circles under her eyes” girl but she was not interested in being stuck in a category.

This is how she ended up in the last movie of Korean director Park Chan-Wook Stoker. She plays India Stoker, a high school student who lives with her mum, Evelyn (Nicole Kidman). Shortly after her father’s mysterious death, India’s life gets more complicated. Her father’s charming yet somewhat strange younger brother, Charlie (Matthew Goode) moves in, and certain relationships become inappropriate.

She had to get used to a new way of working. First of all, the director only spoke Korean, they had a translator on set, and though at the beginning it was a little strange, she eventually got used to it and did not even noticed it at the end. “The translation was very smooth”, she said. Mia prepared herself by watching most of Park Chan-Wook’s movies. She had not seen them before she read the script: “After I signed on to the film, I did a marathon of his movies. I was really blown away”, Mia says.

Park Chan-wook has a very unique style, and certain scenes have been difficult to shoot, but they eventually did them. And probably some things came through in the wrong way, but “nothing that affected the outcome of the film” Mia adds.

About being typecast, Mia said she was worried and did not want to be stuck in a certain type of character as the one in Alice in Wonderland. Fortunately for her (and for us), people have trusted her with different parts, where she could do multiple things and express her talent in various ways. Not taking the parts of the “pale girl” and staying clear of similar roles was a conscious choice for her, and we have to say, she was right. Even the immensely talented Meryl Streep noticed her talent, and she acknowledged her during her Golden Globes acceptance speech for her performance in Jane Eyre. “It was pretty awesomeMia said. “She is the ultimate actress, so that was, like, incredible”.

You will be able to admire Mia’s talent in “Stoker” May, 9th 2013 in theaters in Italy. 

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