Echoes: the story of a short film


A man suffering a personality disorder happens to talk to his alter ego in the mirror and tries to reconstruct the homicide of his ex-girlfriend mysteriously murdered. In this duel between his two personalities, some memories come to light, as flashback and hidden in his unconscious, slowly revealing the event in a growing tension and emotion.

This is the plot of Echoes, short film by Andrea La Mendola, and it is more that an artistic work, it is a project that explores and uses new audio-visual technologies to tell a story. Experimentation intertwines with plot causing its development. The project, called Echi, it is not only a production but is also and exhaustive research and teaching. Besides the short film, Echi contributed to the realization of a series of documentaries and educational material useful for the training of Turin Politecnico students. Five hours of interviews to all main members in different divisions, 45 hours of research images.
During the film making some interesting web clips have been done too, daily published on the Facebook page of the project that achieved a good engagement.

As far as concerns the short film, it is about a great synergy between technique and story that yielded good returns, being nominated in many Italian and International festivals, and achieving great results: Echoes won Best Italian Short Movie at MIFF (Milan International Film Festival), then the Award as Best International Short Movie at Santa Monica Film Festival and three Awards as Best International Short Movie, Best Director and Best Actor at Los Angeles Movie Awards.

“I am pleased to see how some images of Echoes last long time in viewers mind. In my eyes it means that we succeeded in working on a deep emotional level arousing true emotions in the audience. On the other hand this is the main challenge for any director and it is what makes me so proud of this work”.
Produced by Torino companies Indyca and Liquid gate Studio, it has been carried out with the financial support of Turin Politecnico, Fondazione CRT and Torino Piemonte Film Commission.


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