Los Angeles Italia connection in the name of Eduardo De Filippo


Los Angeles Italia, one city that joins two different countries, only in the month of February. The Festival founded by Pascal Vicedomini with his Istituto Capri in the world announces its new 2014 edition with the special dedication to Eduardo De Filippo, 30 years after his death. IX Los Angeles, Italia – Film, Fashion and Art Fest, how the press conference has declared, is gonna have a lot of important italian stars who are gonna put their steps on the famous Hollywood boulevard. Here few names, Valeria Golino and Riccardo Scamarcio, actors, Roberto Faenza, Paolo Genovese and Francesco Patierno, directors, and the songwriter Francesco de Gregory who’s gonna join the american director David O.Russell (Oscar nominated for American Hustle) in the De Filippo tribute night in downtown LA: all the hosts will be received in the prestigious Hall of fame inside the famous Grammy Museum.

Chairman of the Festival is Joe Mantegna, strictly connected to Italy though his family, who is going to represent the entire Festival just before the Oscar night, from february 23th to March the first, “on air” fromt the Tlc Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles. L.A. Italia Festival is also proud to show on its screen La grande bellezza (The great beauty) by Paolo Sorrentino (running as best foreign movie) and thanks for the own support partner ike Mibac (Dg Cinema), Eni, ICE in cooperation with Medusa, Rainbow, EnigmaGB and Ambi Pictures, besides all the strong connection with Harvey Weinstein, founder of the production house Weinstein Company. Last year was the turn of the great western saga, with international guests as Franco Nero, Quentin Tarantino, Christoph Waltz, Al Pacino and Giuliano Gemma, sadly departed after few months for a car accident, who’s gonna be honorated with a focus documentary.

This time Los Angeles Italia wants to celebrate another great name in the italian film history, Eduardo De Filippo, who was the author of Adelina, the first episode of Yesterday, today and tomorrow, a Vittorio De Sica’s work with Sofia Loren, a film that won the Oscar back in 1965. Thanks to his fame the name of De Filippo come out in the most important production companies that sometimes try to recreate his movies in a sort of Hollywood “remakes”. According to the De Filippo Foundation people can also watch on the screen a 50’s rare monologue about Marshall Plan.

In conclusion these are the names of the annual board: President of the 2014 edition is Monika Bacardi, the godmother Elisabetta Canalis, the honorary president of the festival Tony Renis, who will welcome as honorary members’ of the Capri in the world new relevant guests including Bobby Moresco (Oscar for ‘Crash’) and Steven Zaillian (Oscar for ‘Schindler’s List’). Also this year the friendly connection between two different countries is made possible by cinema. Nothing better these times. 


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