Primavera di cinema Orientale: Florence celebrates the east

Film Festival dedicated to the Asian cinema in Florence

It will take place in Florence from March 21st to May 29th the film festival Primavera di cinema Orientale, dedicated to the Asian and Middle East cinema, organized by Quelli della Compagnia Fondazione Sistema Toscana, and realized with the support of Regione Toscana, Comune di Firenze e Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze. Main location of the Film festival will be the Odeon movie theater in Piazza Strozzi, but other places and areas in Florence will be involved. The program consists of four international festivals as Florence Korea Film fest, Middle East Now, Wa! Japan Film festival and Dragon Film Festival.

Twelfth Edition of Florence Korea Film Fest (March 21- 30), established and directed by Riccardo Gelli, will open the festival Primavera di cinema, and will dedicate a retrospective to Choi Mon-Sik one of the most popular actor in South Korea and well known by the international audience for his performances in Old boy (2003) and Lady Vengeance (2005) both directed by Park Chan-Wook. The Asian star, guest at the Festival, will receive the Florence Korea Film Fest award.

Fifth edition of Middle Eat Now (9-14 april), a festival dedicated to the Middle East motion picture industry, has a 40 films program, including short films, films, documentaries, animation movies coming from Iran, Iraq, Kurdistan, Lebanon, Palestine, Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Qatar, Syria, Algeria, Afghanistan, Morocco.

The Film festival series goes on with the fourth edition of Wa! Japan Film festival, dedicated to contemporary Japanese cinema and culture and will take place in Florence first (May 8-11) then, for the first time, in Milan (May 13-15 San Fedele). Program consists of 15 films that represent part of the rich Japanese movies production.

The Festival Primavera di cinema orientale ends with the Dragon Film Festival (May 26-29) dedicated to contemporary Chinese cinema and will premiere 10 films coming from Hong Kong and Shanghai.

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