Udine Far East Film Festival will host Fruit Chan

Indie director Fruit Chan will be the guest of honour presenting the movie The Midnight After

Udine Far East Film Festival count-down starts off, the biggest event on Asian mainstream cinema this year will take place from April 25th to May 3rd.
Key-feature will be the strong artistic and cultural connection with Hong Kong that recurs year after year at the Festival. From the beginning in 1999, the festival hosts great premieres of Asian films and dedicate retrospectives to directors coming from East and South-East of Asia. Guest of honour will be director Fruit Chan, one of the leading figure in the independent Asian cinema who will present his last movie The Midnight After.

It is a surreal-horror comedy film that tells as a metaphor the Hong Kong’s obsession for “the expiry date”: the specific date was the 1st of July 1996 when the metropolis was frantically waiting to rejoin China. A look on present- time shows us instead Hong Kong dealing with other expiry dates, those connected with rents to pay, rules to respect and the Cantonese language.

Chan is famous for directing movies that describe ordinary life of people in Hong Kong, as Made in Hong Kong, Durian Durian e Hollywood Hong Kong. The screening will be followed by an in-depth talk between the director and Marco Muller, major expert in Asian cinema and Fruit Chan’s films.

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