Film 4 Meeting 2014 – Los Angeles Convention: may 25th at Quinn Studios


Less than 2 weeks to the Film 4 Meeting 2014 – Los Angeles Convention, the event is entirely that finally reveals its aces is promoted by the online magazine Film 4 Life directed by Simone Bracci who’s gonna host the night together with the young actress Stephanie Panisello. Purpose of the #LAConvention is to create a real connection between Italy and US through the young professionals of the film industry.

Official Poster F4M LAX 2014The schedule contemplates live performances, screenings and Q&I with the audience, which is going to assist an entire show that put on stage 10 names of tomorrow, 10 talents to work with and to bet on: not only a promoting night but also a space to share contacts and create a useful network that can help the new italian cinema to be more productive.

These are the names involved,everybody under 35 years old: Elodia Agostini (singer), Luca Nemolato (concept artist), Alessandro Schiassi (VFX supervisor), Andrea La Mendola (director), Emanuele Mengotti (director), Simona Manfredi (writer), Ashley Monty (editor), Paolo Cognetti (composer), Guja Quaranta (producer) and Alessia Bonacci (actress).

Several extra activities will also take place during the show, and the entire event, including the backstage, will contribute to the creation of an official catalogue. There will be a complete media coverage, through the promotional use of social networks and related online channels, that will provide to an appropriate marketing campaign.

Save the date: Film 4 Meeting 2014 at Quinn Studios in Santa Monica. This year the Convention has Peroni Italy as main sponsor, Caffè Pasquini and PSG Real Estate as advertising partners and and Forza di Vivere as related non-profit initiative. People can also make a donation to help the brand operating during the year with the aim to discover and promote new talents of the italian independent film industry.

For any further question feel free to contact Film 4 Life at the following email address:

Free admission: Quinn Studios, 3015 Ocean Park, Santa Monica 


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