Paranormal Stories: in Italy horror is back


paranormal stories posterThe Italian horror anthology, Paranormal stories, produced by Gabriele Albanesi is the first example of a movie made in partnership with an Italian University, in this case The University of Roma Tor Vergata, that supported the project with his Cinema Lab chaired by Giovanni Spagnoletti. Six directors took part in Paranormal Stories and will entertain the viewers through five different stories.

The plot is rich and is about a wicked writer who after is death bequeathed his terrible secrets to his son. The episodes are tied as rings of a chain referring to a past when the Italian horror was at its best. In a chat a boy meets the spirit of a friend who tragically committed a suicide. An alleged medium has to deal with the spirits he conjured. A mute child, rejected and humiliated by his peers, turns into a true living legend. Three girls, survived a road accident, but they can’t escape the revenge of their victim.

Andrea Gagliardi, Tommaso Agnese, Roberto Palma, Stefano Prolli, Omar Protani & Marco Farina are the directors who will undertake this challenge.
Daniele De Angelis (I liceali, Scrivilo sui muri), Primo Reggiani (Baciami ancora), Laura Gigante (Albakiara) and Maurizio Tesei (Et in terra pax) will take part in this project. The purpose is to retrace the path of those films that marked the golden years of Italian B-movies. The work looks interesting and seemingly noteworthy, so let’s hope it will be solid too.



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