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Making 30What and who can we sacrifice in order to reach our goals in life? And how long do we have to do it? This is the story of Making 30, a web series project created by Roberta Geremicca and produced by Simone Bracci, executive director of Film 4 Life. Check it out and join our crowdfunding…

My name is Roberta. I am an Italian actress who moved to Los Angeles. As most of you will know this industry isn t easy and … even less if you are by yourself overseas .. I created this story and decided to produced the first episode of it , because it s my story in some way, but it can be yours, and yours , and yours.. And if you will watch the video presentation you will get why.

We filmed the first episode with my personal saving , but you ll know better than me that actors who start aren’t rich. So to keep filming we need your help. The first episode was around thousands of dollars ( cast , crew, equipments, locations, permits, food ). Yes, I learnt fast that here in America the craft is the most important thing and also almost the most expensive.

We have other 5/6 episodes written there, ready to be shoot, I have actors and crew ready to put their passion and hard work into it ,( as they did for the first episode.) but we need you for this. I know that reading 40000 dollars can scare you. It looks like a lot of money and…it is, but any little help is appreciated and as you can see in the funders I have already made another contribution and one by one I, WE, hope to get to the final goal. But If we don t reach the final goal we are going to film some more episodes if we reach enough with what we got (and I m going to pay back someone who worked for me who is still patiently waiting for it). This means when someone is “Making 30“.

All of us believe in something and in someone .. and so.. here I am , believing in this project .. In those amazing people who worked with and for me so hard and in YOU. All of you. Now…. I know some of you just can t contribute but this doesn t mean you can’t help anyway. Spread the word, pass this link to your family, friends, classmates and co-workers… Or whoever you know and tell them to do the same. Thanks a lot!



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