Get ready! hollywood is preparing for halloween…


Halloween is almost here, and the TV shows writers have already booked their stories… As well as chosen the Halloween costumes! The characters of your favorite shows have surprises for all of you. Like each year, Halloween is a huge event in the USA and there is no better excuse than that to create a good episode and transform the people on TV by disguising them!

In your opinion, what costume will have the most success this year? Which character will be the sexiest? The most frightening? Modern Family made Sofia Vergara (Gloria) a sexy green alien, even more so with a baby bump whereas Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Cameron and Mitchell) are getting creative with a bull and matador costumes (guess who is who?).

The Big Bang Theory “smurfed” it out a bit with the costumes of Smurfette and Papa Smurf, which is actually a good idea, if you like blue paint on your body… Of course, classic costumes are used too like the sexy cop, the super hero, little red riding hood, the witch, the nurse…

But the most successful one is the “Blond costume”, that is to say Marilyn Monroe. Two blond actresses (of course!) are disguised as the famous pin up: Pretty Little Liars’ actress Ashley Benson (Hanna) and Hart of Dixie’ s Lemon (Jaime King)… Which one do you think will do the best Marilyn? Even fifty years after her death, the sexy blond is the favorite costume of all, Marilyn is still in and more than ever! 

Fireman, Little Bo Peep, angel or devil, which one will you choose for your Halloween party?

Flavia Nicolò

(19 ottobre 2012)

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