Hollywood love its presidents !


This year, two more movies are on the run to adapt the life of two of the most popular American presidents: Franklin Roosevelt (played by Bill Murray) and Abraham Lincoln (played by Daniel Day Lewis). The two movies are based on different situations. The first one, Hyde Park on Hudson focuses on the love affair between the president Roosevelt and his distant cousin Margaret Suckley (Laura Linney) during a week end when the King and Queen of United Kingdom visited upstate New York. The second one, Lincoln, is directed by Steven Spielberg and relates the troubles president Lincoln had to face during the Civil War, as well as the fights inside his own cabinet on the decision to emancipate the slaves. 

People love biopic! And it is a blessing for Hollywood since they bring a lot of money, most of all when presidents and politics of their country are involved. Which one of the presidents have been the most interpreted on the big screen? The president would have to be played by an actor to be on the list, the real life material and archives are not taken under consideration for the survey.

And the result is not surprising! Lincoln is the most adapted on movies by far, with 130 appearances. It is twice as much as the second on the podium, Georges Washington, whom was on 70 movies. The third one is Ulysses S. Grant who won his place thanks to its many appearances in Westerns. Some funny facts: Lincoln was portrayed in 80 films made between 1911 and 1944; Washington not only was the first President of the United States, but he also was the first to be played on film, in two 1909 shorts. On the contrary John Tyler, James Buchanan and Warren G. Harding have never been portrayed on the big screen. But obviously there is still hope for them!

Georges W. Bush amazingly was more portrayed than Kennedy and the two Roosevelt with 36 movies, whereas Kennedy was only in 30 and the Roosevelt in 34 (Theodore) and 28 (Franklin). The last American president, Barack Obama is already in 21 films in only 4 years at the White House, he might take over Bush’s place and climb up on the ranking by the end of his last mandate… Who knows!

Do you like biopic? Would you rather see Lincoln or Hyde Park on Hudson?

No release date is set for Italy yet.


(September, 13th November)

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